4 Delicious Weeknight Chicken Dinners Our Clients Love

Chicken is a regular at our dinner tables. At MariasGourmetKitchen.com we go beyond boring with these 4 favorite chicken entrees that aren’t on your everyday dinner table. And of course, easy to make with our fresh, ready-to-cook dinner kits.

# 1 Chicken Marsala: A quick and easy, classic Italian entree that’s simple, elegant and delicious. Chicken breast cutlets sauteed in a marsala wine, mushroom, onion and garlic reduction. The chicken is thinly sliced and pounded to make cooking chicken nearly foolproof. Served with a delicious side of green beans with almonds. From Kitchen to table using Chicken Marsala Dinner Kit in 15 minutes.

# 2 Chicken Scampi: Chicken, onions and bell peppers tossed together in white wine, garlic and red pepper flakes. Served over delicious angel hair pasta. Super quick! Bang out this gourmet chicken scampi dinner using our Chicken Scampi Dinner Kit in under 15 minutes without all the fuss.

# 3 Tarragon Chicken: Tarragon is an aromatic French herb considered one of the finest in French cuisine. Our Tarragon sauce brings fresh tarragon together with shallots, brandy, broth and cream with each element playing off the other to create a distinct and memorable flavor.We saute chicken then top it with our delicious tarragon sauce and serve with oven roasted potatoes. Check out our Tarragon Chicken Dinner Kit.

# 4 Thai Red Curry: Not to be confused with Indian curry, this is an aromatic mix of lemongrass, ginger and red chilies. While traditional Thai curry can have a lot of heat, we’ve pulled back the chilies to bring more balance across the flavors in this delicious sauce that’s accompanied with a chicken stir-fry. It’s an all-star dinner and with our Thai Red Curry Dinner Kit you can get it from kitchen to table in about 10 minutes.

See all our popular chicken entrees at www.mariasgourmetkitchen.com

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