How To Perfectly Cook Steak This Valentine’s Day

FingerDare we say it? The perfect Valentine’s dinner may be right at home. A relaxing night in your own home, where you cook something perfect for that special someone or perhaps your entire family.

As you look for your inspiration, consider filet mignon – a nice high end choice for Valentine’s Day. Cooking it perfectly isn’t necessarily easy though. So here’s a tip from Parisian trained Executive Chef Maria Bedrosian @

Press lightly on the outside of your steak with your finger. Compare its springiness with the flesh of the palm of your hand at the base of your thumb. If it’s similar, then your meat is raw. Press your pinky and your thumb together. Feel the flesh at the base of your thumb again – this is what well done feels like. For medium use your ring finger, your middle finger for medium rare and your pointer finger for rare.

Finger Test


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