This New Year Bid Adieu to Groceries & Restaurants

We’d be hard pressed to say it’s 2016 by the way most of us go about making dinner during the week. The “modern day” grocery store dates back to 1916 and the restaurant to the mid-1700’s. Who’s got the time or the energy to do dinner the old way? For busy families with hectic schedules to retirees who prefer freshly prepared dinners without the hassle, Houston startup Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen offers a modern alternative to grocery shopping, food preparation and eating out.

Each week, Parisian trained Executive Chef Maria Bedrosian creates a delicious gourmet dinner menu. Select your dinners online and freshly prepared ready-to-cook dinner kits start showing up at your home. Your fridge never looked so organized! 15 to 30 minutes before dinner time, follow easy instructions to serve fresh homemade dinners. It’s remarkably simple from kitchen to table. Say goodbye to the old way & visit today.

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