Stress-Free, Homemade Thanksgiving Turkeys

Chef Maria and her team at Maria’s Gourmet Kitchen have outdone themselves this year. In years past, they’ve prepared a ready-to-bake Thanksgiving Feast that takes all the trouble out of making a homemade Turkey. It all comes freshly prepared straight to your front door. All you do is follow their baking instructions morning of then sit back and enjoy your Thanksgiving day. Hassle free, fresh, homemade Turkey everyone will rave about! It’s no wonder they sell out every year.

This year they have not one but two choices of Turkey feasts. The ever popular, traditional French Herb & Citrus themed Turkey feast is available of course. The other is the new, closer to home, Cajun themed feast. Each includes a whole Turkey, 5 delicious sides plus an over the top dessert that serves 8 hungry family and friends. They do sell out early so log on to for all the details.

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